North Forsyth High School Football

LEVEL 3 MEMBERS - ADD ON Registration Sept 20th Tailgate Dinner


LEVEL 3 Additional RSVP TAILGATE DINNER September 20th

For Level 3 Members to add additional RSVP to the Tailgate.  Please only register for the total needed to add to your 2 meals.  For an example, if there is a total of 4 coming for my family I would register for 2 to be added.  Cost to add $5 per person.

Deadline to RSVP and pay is September 15th.

Please remember to bring a camping chair to the tailgate.

Location: Front of the School
Time: 5:45pm



TACO BAR - ground beef , shredded chicken

Mexican Rice, Beans, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Sour Cream

Chips and Salsa

Dessert and Drink


Please direct questions to: Caren Owens  678-485-4669